Nov 23, 2023 At DASH Lab, we are developing Model Examiner (ModEx). ModEx uses metamodeling to reveal health health economic model characteristics in near real-time only using a set of model scenarios. A public beta is now available. Please give it a try and let us know what you think!
Oct 25, 2023 Dr. Jalal gives a presentation on comparative modeling of bladder cancer presenting the calibration results of three population model cancers, COBRAS, Kystis and SCOUT at the Society for Medical Decision Making in Philadelphia.
May 31, 2023 Dr. Hawre Jalal presents at the Harvard School of Global Health and Social Medicine on the Historical Arc of US Overdose Deaths.
May 9, 2023 On National Fentanyl Awareness day, Dr. Hawre Jalal, Dr. Don Burke and Marcia Lee Taylor discuss how the nature of drug overdose deaths being exponential is leading to the average age of someone overdosing getting younger and younger.
Nov 16, 2022 Dr. Jalal was awarded a Canada Research Chair in Health Economics.